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            How can I add all my current AccuClub Members to a Monthly Membership Plan in the system?

            Export a list of your current Members from AccuClub
            1. Login to with your Administrator login credentials. (Institution/Personal, Domain (if applicable), E-mail, and Password)
            2. Now go to the Advanced Options > Export section from the left-side menu of AccuClub.
            3. Once there look for the Members/Users Export and click the show filters... link for the CSV option.  Then click the Download button and scroll down to the bottom of this page to click the Download Users link generated to actually download the CSV file.
            4. Once you have that CSV exported open it in MS Excel and format it as shown below by removing all columns but the UserEmail which is needed in the Membership Plan Registration Import (click here for more information about that import).  Finally be sure to add the PlanName column with the exact name of your monthly membership plan next to each UserEmail in the list.


              Monthly Membership Plan
              Monthly Membership Plan
              Monthly Membership Plan
              Monthly Membership Plan
              Annual Membership Plan
            5. Save the file and done.
            Import the list of your Membership Plan Registrations in AccuClub
            1. Once you have created a CSV file with the Membership Plan Registrations that include the only 2 required fields proceed to the next step:

              Valid headers:

              • PlanName
              • UserEmail


              The PlanName specifies the exact name of a Membership Plan you've created in your account.

              The UserEmail specifies a valid e-mail address that uniquely identifies a registered user in your account.

              NOTE: In order for this to work you'll need to have already manually created a Membership Plan and the Users have been created manually or imported.

            2.  Now once you have logged into AccuClub as an admin, then navigate to the Advanced Options > Import section from the main menu.
            3. Now select the import type in the drop-down and click the Upload a File button that appears:
            4. Once you click the Upload a File button, select the CSV file you've created for this import, and finally click the Open button.
            5. AccuClub will now validate the headings of the CSV file for accuracy.  If everything looks good they column headings will appear green but if they are bad they'll appear read to allow you to correct the headings and start this process over.
            6. Finally, click the Import File button if all looks good so far.  The AccuClub system will attempt to upload the file and you should be done.

              NOTE: The errors that may occur from this point will be explicitly given so you can correct them as shown above.

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