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            How can I request that all users or a group of users in a given role change their password in AccuCampus?

            1. Login into Accucampus once logged in use taskbar on the left-hand side of the screen

            Hover over the General symbol, a side menu will appear, Click on Users 

            Click Request Password Change, selecting this option brings you to the request password change page. 

            Sending a password request to all users

            To complete this simply click the Send Requests button under the heading To all users in the account.Clicking on Send request will send out a mass message to students involved in Accucampus to change passwords.   

            Sending a password request to all users with a specific Role

            To request a password change for specified roles scroll down to the second option on this page and click on User with role. A drop-down menu will appear as you now can choose on allocated departments to receive password change request, once chosen click Send Requests.

            Sending a password request to specific Users

            Use the third option on this page to pick specific users to send the request out to reset or request a password to access the system. To complete this simply:

            1. Type the name of the User in the search box,
            2. Select the person in the results,
            3. And click the Send Requests button under the heading To all specified user(s).
            Note: To send to more than one user an additional search box will appear below the first user selected so you can find the next person and repeat these steps.

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