How do I access campus resources in the Campus Compass?

            Accessing the Compass in AccuCampus

            1. Login into AccuCampus, then using the taskbar on the left-hand side of the screen, hover onto the General symbol and select Compass.


            2. Select a category of interest. Let the Compass be your guide for resources like academic advising, financial aid, events and tutoring. 


            (Resources provided by your university may be different from what you see in this article)

            3. Drill down to the location you need.

            Example: You may need help with Academic Advising. By selecting the first option " I need help with academic advising", you' will have access to the Available Services Page. You would then decide if you need help with selecting your "major" or "curse selection".  

            You now have the power to make an appointment, visit the website for additional information on this service, or send e-mails to get a question answered by an advisor. 

            Note: Some services may have one or all of these options, depending on the resource you've chosen. 

            4. Lost? Grab a map!

            You may see a map for these locations on this page. Using the AccuCampus app, you can click on the map to be taken to turn-by-turn walking directions.


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