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            AccuCampus: How do I add a new center, classroom, or location?

            This article will explain how to create a new location within AccuCampus. Within AccuCampus, location can refer to either the physical location (i.e. Academic Building Seven) or the entities within that physical location (i.e. the Office of Advising, which is located within Academic Building Seven.) In order for AccuCampus to be fully operational for your institution, you will need to include both types of locations.

            1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over General.

            2. Click Locations.

            3. Click Create Location.

            4. Enter a Name for the location. Remember, it can be either the name of the building or the name of the entity within the building depending on which you’re building.

            5. Enter the Location. Use this if you are building an entity within a physical location.

            6. If desired, enter an Order. This tells the system which order to list this location relative to all of the others when a list is displayed.

            7. If desired, enter an E-mail Address. This is typically used for entities within physical locations.

            8. If desired, enter a Web Address. This is typically used for entities within physical locations.

            9. Enter a Street Address for the location. This allows students to receive turn-by-turn directions if being directed from the Campus Compass.

            10. Enter More Information. That information could include business hours, phone numbers, specific instructions for accessing the location, etc.

            11. If desired, add an Access Restriction. This allows you to restrict access to the location to only those roles allowed into the entity or physical location.

            12. Enable Silent Tracking if you will be using beacons to silently track the traffic within the location without users needing to sign in/out. This style of tracking records minimal information.

            NOTE: Before enabling silent tracking, you will need to create a beacon profile.

            13. Click Save.

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