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            How do I add a tag to a user based on Profile Items in AccuCampus?

            This article will explain how to add a tag to a user based on a Profile Item that has been imported into AccuCampus. This is typically done by creating a Dynamic Group. You can also manually add a tag. To learn how to create a tag, see How do I create a user tag in AccuCampus?

            1. From the Main Sidebar, click on General.  

            2. Click on Users 

            3. Click User Groups.

            4. Click the New Dynamic Group button.

            5. Add a descriptive Name and Description of the group. Remember to be specific so that anyone with access to this group will be able to figure out its purpose.

            6. Choose to Share the group or keep it private.  The default is to keep it private (box unchecked).

            7. If the group is shared, add the user roles that will be able to view or edit the group. The group can also be restricted by a specific location scope if desired.

            8. Set the how often the group will refresh (adding new members, removing members who are no longer eligible.)

            9. Add the Condition or Conditions that will cause the tag to be added.

            10. Add the tag that will be given to the members of the group. These will update every time the dynamic group refreshes. 

            11. Click the Save button.

            Note: Optionally you can click the Save and Add Users if you want to create the group manually by searching and adding each user to the group at this time.

            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 03:32 AM
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