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            Accudemia: How do I add an Appointment after it already has happened? Or clear a No-show?

            Yes, you can manually add a "Session log" after they have visited.  Realize that Session Logs are the complete list of visits in your Centers.  Appointments should only be made for those Sessions you plan to have in the future because appointments do not always happen they are not made into a Session Log (or visit) unless the student shows up for the appointment.  To manually add the appointment/visit after the fact you can do either of the following depending on the scenario:
            1. The student forgot to sign-in for a scheduled appointment (meaning the appointment was already made and therefore the student will be counted as a "No Show"):
              1. Login to Accudemia as an Admin.
              2. Under Center Attendance click the Appointments > View All.

              3. Locate the missed appointment (using the filters at the top of the page if necessary) and select that record in the list.
              4. Now click the Edit Presence button at the top of the page.

              5. On the Edit Presence screen click the Mark as Show link towards the bottom of this screen.

              6. This next screen shows you a list of all recent sessions they have actually signed in for (in case they did actually sign-in you could simply select the Session Log and associate it with this appointment) but we will click the Create New option.
              7. Click Yes to confirm that you realize you are about to create a new Session Log(visit) and you are done!  It will automatically give them a Session Log for the exact start time and end time of the appointment.

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            2. The student never had an appointment but we want to record that they had an "appointment" or visit with a tutor:
              1. Login to Accudemia as an Admin.
              2. Under Center Attendance click the SignIn/SignOut > Manual SignIn/SignOut.
              3. Now from here select Start date/time (From), Duration, Center, Tutor they met with, Subject Area they got help with, the Instructor of that class the student is enrolled in, and finally the Student in the list below (may need to use magnifying glass to search on the name fields).

              4. Finally click the Bulk Sign-In/Sign-Out button at the top of the page (the button says "bulk" which simply means they can select more than one student for the session if necessary).
            If you want to verify that the Session Log was added in either process click Session Logs under the Center Attendance section now and search for the student by last, first or ID.

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            Updated: 06 Jul 2018 04:45 AM
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