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            How do I add off time to my staff availability in AccuCampus?

            NOTE: This article explains how to add off time manually. You must have the permission "Manage my availability as a staff member" in order to access this feature. To learn how to use the Outlook Sync feature, please see How do I set up two-way Outlook sync with AccuCampus?
            1. From the Main Sidebar hover over General.

            2. Select Users.

            3. Select the user.

            4. Select Staff Availability from the menu on the right-hand side.

            5. Scroll down to Schedule. Click Add Schedule.

            6. Click Off Time.

            7. Enter the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time for the period that will be unavailable for appointments.

            8. Click Save Changes.

            9. The off-time is now scheduled in AccuCampus.

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