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            Accudemia: How do I add Tutor Assignments to their Subject Areas they can help Students with at the Center?

            In Accudemia, we have a section that has a purpose to assign Subject Areas to Tutors/Staff so that they can be displayed to Students who need help with the selected Subject Area when scheduling Appointments or are doing a Walk-in visit at your Center.
            1. Go to User Accounts > Tutors > Find and select a Tutor > Click the Assignments button at the top.
            2. Next you will get prompted with the message: What do you want to do with assignments?
            • Edit <Staff Member>'s assignments manually - This allows you to assign Subject Areas that the staff member can help with. Be sure to click the Save Changes button after assigning the staff subjects.

            • Copy assignments from other term - This allows you to copy Subject Area Assignments from another Term that the staff member has helped with before.

            • Import assignments from a different source - This allows you to import Subject Area Assignments that you have from a CSV file. More information can be found in the ADX Imports and Exports section.

            Note: If a Tutor or staff member is still not showing up in any of the Appointment schedulers or for Walk-ins make sure the Tutor/Staff member has a schedule and the Center is assigned to help with the Student's selected Subject Area.
            Related to page: /Private/Persons/ListPerson.aspx?p=Tutors

            Updated: 06 Jul 2018 04:15 AM
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