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            How do I adjust event settings at the location level in AccuCampus?

            NOTE: This article explains how to create settings for events at the location level. Changes made at this level will effect all seminars taking place at the specified location. To adjust settings at other levels, see the following articles.

            1, From the Main Sidebar, hover over Advanced Options.

            2. Click Settings.

            3. Click Event Session Registration.

            4. Search for a location and click View Location Settings.

            WARNING: Making changes at this level will effect all events the location selected.

            5. Choose if users will be allowed to register to events. Use Default means the location will use status set at the global level.

            6. Set a capacity for all seminars at the location.

            7. Set a trainer for all seminars at the location.

            8. Set the number of days ahead that a user can register or unregister for a session.

            9. Click Save.

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