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            How do I assign an action item to a student in AccuCampus?

            1. From the Main Sidebar hover over Action Plan.

            2. Select Action Items.

            2. Locate the Action Item of your choice and select Assign.

            3. Choose whether to assign the Action Item to a Student or to Members of a Group.

            4. To Enter a student, start typing his/her name in the search box, and select from the list that pops up.

            5. If desired, set a new due date for the Action Item.

            6. If desired, set a new expiration date for the Action Item.

            7. If the method of completion can be tracked by AccuCampus (e.g. signing in at a specific location, import of specific data), check the Autocomplete based on rules box. Otherwise, leave unchecked.

            8. The Completed checkbox can be checked when the Action Item is complete. This is generally left blank when assigning the item.

            9. If desired, enter additional information for the assignment. These notes can be made public to the student, or they can be kept private.

            10. There is generally a Default faculty/staff member set as a follower. To add another follower, use the Other search box then select Add.

            11. Click Save.

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