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            How do I create a new user in AccuCampus?

            Typically users are imported; however, it is also possible to add individual users manually. 

            Before creating a new user, ALWAYS check to see if the user already exists in the system by searching their name, e-mail and user ID. Duplicate users can cause serious harm to your data!
            1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over General.

            2. Click Users.

            3. Click Create New.

            4. Enter the user’s First NameLast NameE-mail Address (should be the official email address with the institution) and Card Number. NOTE: we do not recommend assigning a password to users. Instead, we suggest allowing them to set the password themselves by clicking the “forgot password” link on the AccuCampus sign-in screen.

            5. Click Active.

            6. If desired, enter the user’s Address and Phone Number. We recommend providing at least a mobile number so that the user may receive text alerts. If your institution allows this, the user can log into AccuCampus and add this information themselves.

            7. Add the Role(s) the user will have. A user must have at least one role, but they can have unlimited additional roles. To delete a role later, click the minus sign next to the role.

            8. If desired, add a Scope for the user. This limits the user’s role(s) to the specified location for that user. Note: For users who are both staff and students (such as Peer Tutors), adding a scope will not limit the student’s ability to utilize other areas as a student or attendee. It will only prevent the user from performing staff-related tasks at other locations where they are not scoped.

            9. Click Save.

            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 05:21 AM
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