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            How do I create certificates in AccuCampus?

            1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over Events.

            2. Click Certificates.

            3. Click Templates.

            4. From this page you are able to create templates or edit existing templates.

            5. To create a new template, click Create Certificate Template.

            6. Enter a Name and Description for your template. We recommend using a unique and detailed name and description so that other users will understand the purpose of the certificate.

            7. To edit the certificate now, click Save and Design. To edit the certificate later, click Save.


            8. To design your certificate, first choose a template from the list.

            9. Click Use This Template

            10. Use the keywords and toolbox on the right hand side of the screen to edit the template.

            11. Save the finished template.

            12. To edit an existing template, click Design next to that template and follow the steps above.

            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 03:24 AM
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