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            How do I create user groups for reporting in AccuCampus?

            Hover over the General symbol, a side menu will appear, Click on Users 

            Click User Groups.

            Creating a New User Group

            1. Start by clicking the Create New button.

            2. Add a descriptive Name and Description of the group. 

            3. Choose to Share the group or keep it private.  The default is to keep it private (box unchecked).

            4. If the group is shared, add any additional permission restrictions needed.  This can include restricting by role or by scope.

            5. Finally, click the Save button.

            Note: Optionally you can click the Save and Add Users if you want to create the group manually by searching and adding each user to the group at this time.

            Creating a New Dynamic Group

            Dynamic groups allow AccuCampus to maintain who is in the User Group automatically so that it is always up-to-date using profile and demographic values already being imported or maintained in AccuCampus.

            1. Click the New Dynamic Group button and then follow the steps above.

            2. Set the how often the group will refresh (adding new members, removing members who are no longer eligible.)

            3. Add Conditions as needed.

            4. Set the group to either assign or unassign a tag from the members depending on the purpose of the group. These will update every time the dynamic group refreshes. 

            5. Click the Save button.

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