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            How do I e-mail certificates in AccuCampus?

            NOTE: Since the e-mail function is intended to send individual certificates to individual users, they are created as separate PDF files. If you would like all certificates in one file, see How do I print certificates in AccuCampus?

            1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over Events.

            2. Click Certificates.

            3. Click Email.

            4. From this page, you can e-mail certificates for all users, or filter by role or individual users.

            5. Choose the Certificate Template to e-mail.

            6. Select All Users.

            7. If desired, filter users by role.

            8. Choose to e-mail all certificates, or certificates for specific users.

            9. Click Email.

            10. Review all of the certificates for accuracy.

            11. Write the content of the e-mail, including from, reply-to, subject and message. Use $Name& and $Link$ as the tokens for the unique user and their unique certificate.

            12. Click Email Certificates.

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