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            How do I message users in AccuCampus?

            Messages can be sent automatically through triggers. For example, when an appointment is created, a confirmation can automatically be sent to the student and staff member. But there may be times when you will need to message users on demand, without a trigger. The ability to send on-demand messages is dependent on your permissions.

            1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over General.

            2. Click Users.

             3. Click Send Message.

            4. Search for and select recipient(s). Note: You can message more than one user, or message an established group.

            5. Enter a Title for the notification.

            6. Choose how the message will be sent. More than one method may be selected.

            On-Screen Notification

            The user will receive a pop-up message when they log into AccuCampus, and on their phone as a push notification if they have the mobile app

            1. Enter the message. We recommend that this message be kept short.

            2. Choose the Class. This indicates how the message will appear and be classified.

            3. Choose the Duration. This indicates how long the message displays onscreen as a push notification.

            4. If desired, enter More Information. This indicates what will happen if the user taps the notification.

            5. If you chose "Show-when clicked navigate to a custom url," you will enter the URL here.

            6. If desired, have the notification Show on a Sign-in Station. This will cause the notification to shown to the student when they next use a sign-in station at any location.

            E-mail Message

            The user will receive an e-mail sent to the e-mail address on record within AccuCampus.

            1. Enter the Sender Name. Make sure this is a name the user will recognize.

            2. Enter the Reply To e-mail address.

            3. Enter the Subject Line.

            4. Enter the Text of the message.

            Text Message:

            The user will receive a text message to the mobile phone number on record within AccuCampus. Please note that the number or name the message comes from will not indicate who you are, so make sure to identify yourself in the message.

            1. Enter the Message.

            7. Once you’ve completed your message in your chosen formats, click Send Message.

            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 04:06 AM
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