How do I rate or review a location in AccuCampus?

            Within AccuCampus, you are able to leave and view ratings and reviews of locations and services. This article will explain how to rate a location. To learn how to rate a service, see How do I rate or review a service in AccuCampus?

            In this article, the example given will be with a 5-star based rating system; however, your institution may decide to use thumbs up/thumbs down or a smiley rating. The instructions for how to leave a rating/review remain the same regardless of rating scale. Please note that reviews and comments may be subject to moderation and so may not appear immediately after posting.

            1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over General.

            2. Click Locations.

            3. Scroll down to the location you wish to rate and click the rating scale.

            4. Click Write a Review.

            5. To add a rating, use the rating scale. As stated above, the rating scale could take the form of a 5-star scale, a thumbs up/thumbs down, or a smiley face scale depending on your institution's settings.

            6. To leave a review, write your review in the text box provided. You may choose to make your review anonymous by clicking the Anonymous button.

            7. Click Submit a Review.

            8. Already existing reviews will be listed below.

            9. To comment on an existing review, click Comment under the review.

            10. Enter the comment. You may choose to make your comment anonymous by clicking the Anonymous button.

            11. Click Post Comment.

            12. To report abuse or an inappropriate comment or review, click Report Abuse.

            13. A pop-up box will appear. Enter the reason the review or comment should be flagged for moderators. Click Ok.

            14. To rate the comment or review as helpful, click Yes or No.

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