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            How do I remove the location availability for a service in AccuCampus?

            This article will explain how to remove the availability of a service at a given location. This is useful when services change, or are no longer offered at that location. 

            1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over General.

            2. Click Services.

            3. Search for the service you wish to edit by either scrolling through the list, or using the look-up glass to search.

            4. Click Location Availability.

            WARNING: Do not delete the service - this will disassociate it from all previous session logs. To eliminate the service so that it cannot be offered, remove all location availability from it.

            There is a link on the search page itself.

            There is also a link when you click on the service.

            5. Remove the locations where the service will no longer be offered by clicking the red minus button next to the location.

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