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            How do I scan QR Codes or Barcodes for attendance tracking in AccuCampus?

            NOTE: This feature is only available for tracking attendance to events.

            1. Open the AccuCampus App on your mobile device and sign-in.

            2. Click on the menu link on the top left.

            3. Under Seminars, click Track Attendance.

            4. Choose the Location for the event.


            5. Choose the Event that will be tracked.

            6. From the event screen, you are able to sign users in or out by either scanning a QR Code or Barcode or by manually typing in their card number.


            7. To sign a user in by entering the card number, click on the keyboard symbol.


            8. To sign a user in by scanning a QR Code or Bar Code, click on the QR symbol.

            9. To change the event or the location, click on the gear symbol at the top of the screen.

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