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            How do I send badges to users in AccuCampus?

            NOTE: Since the e-mail function is intended to send individual badges to individual users, they are created in individual files. If you would like badges in one file, go to How do I print badges in AccuCampus?

            1, From the Main Sidebar, hover over Events.

            2. Click Badges.

            3. Click E-mail.


            4. Select a Badge Template from the drop down menu.

            5. Select All Users to generate the badges from that template.

            6. Choose whether to print All Badges or to filter badges by those that have not been printed yet (Only Modified After Badges were Printed Last Time or Only Modified After).

            7. If desired, filter the badges by User Role.

            8. Choose to print All Badges or only badges from Specific Users. If filtering by specific users, you’ll need to select those users.

            9. Click E-mail

            10. Review the badges before sending them.

            11. Click Edit Email Content to write the e-mail for the users. Remember that this e-mail will go to all of the users you selected, so be general.


            12. Click Email Badges to send the e-mail and the badges to the users.


            Updated: 27 Mar 2019 12:09 AM
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