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            How do I set up a sign-in station for courses (Single-Step Kiosk) in AccuCampus?

            This article explains how to create a single-step kiosk (sign-in station) within AccuCampus. A Single-step Kiosk signs the user into a course or seminar based on the schedule of the location. 

            1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over Center Visits.

            2. Select Sign-In Stations.

            3. Select Create New.

            4. Enter the Station Name. This is used to identify the sign-in station in the list of stations in AccuCampus. We recommend that this be specific and unique.

            5. Enter the Title – this is what will show to the user when they approach the sign-in station. It can be the same as the Station Name, or a different name if desired.

            6. Enter the Instructions – these will display to the user as they approach the sign-in station.

            7. Select Class Attendance as the Tracking ModeClass Attendance is used for individual courses or events and signs in the user based on the schedule for the location.

            8. Choose Single-step Kiosk as the Sign-in/Out Mode. A Single-step Kiosk signs the user into a course or seminar based on the schedule of the location.

            9. If desired, add an Admin Passcode. This will restrict the ability of a user with permission to change the event or quickly enroll users if they don’t have the passcode.

            10. If desired, set the following information to display on the sign-In station screen once a user signs-in. You can choose the length of time that the information will display.

            Show Visitor IDs – shows the user’s card number

            Show Visitor Names – shows the user’s name

            Show Visitor Photos – shows the user’s photo (if imported into AccuCampus)

            11. Enter either a Location or an InstructorThe sign-in station can be set for a location or an instructor, but not for both.

            12. If desired, add a Survey to display upon sign-out.

            13. If desired, enable a Beacon as the sign-in station. You must first create a Beacon Profile before enabling this feature.

            14. There are two options for saving the sign-in station.

            Save & Install Here – saves the sign-in station and displays it within the browser you are using once you log out of AccuCampus.

            Save without Installing – saves the sign-in station only. This allows you to create the sign-in station on one device, but deploy it on another device.

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