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            How do I set up automatic assignment of action items based on tags in AccuCampus?

            This article will explain how to set up rules that will cause Action Items to automatically assign to users based on Tags. Action Items can be automatically assigned based on Tags or through a user's actions. Tags can be assigned manually or through a Dynamic Group which is created based on items from a User Profile. To learn how to create a User Profile, see How do I create a new profile in AccuCampus? To learn how to create a Tag, see How do I create a user tag in AccuCampus? To learn how to assign a Tag to a user based on profile items, see How do I add a tag to a user based on Profile Items in AccuCampus?

            1. Log into AccuCampus. From the Main Sidebar hover over Advanced Options category.

            2. Click on Settings.

            3. Click on Rules.

            4. Click Create New.

            5. Add a Name and Description for the rule. Be specific about what the rule will do in the description.

            6. Set the Trigger to: “when a user is tagged.”

            7a. Add Condition of "added tag."

            7b. Choose "Is"

            7c. Enter the name of the Tag that will trigger the rule.

            8. Select Add Action.

            9. Select Assign an action item.

            10. A side display box will appear with a Token Helper. Place your cursor in the box next to Student. Select Internal ID under User from the Token Helper side menu to add the token. This token ensures that the action item is only assigned to a student who has the tag assigned to them.

            11. Select the Action Item that will be assigned to the student.

            12. If desired, add a note to be displayed along with the Action Item when it is assigned. Remember to make any notes general enough that they can apply to any student.

            13. Click Save. The rule will now show that an action has been added.

            19. Click Save again to save the rule.

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