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            AccuSQL: How to Change the Database Location

            Method 1: Sign-in to the AccuSQL client as a system administrator and change the database location

            Step 1:      From right side of the System Administration screen, Click on Database

            Step 2:      Click on Database Location

            Step 3:      Select the SQL Server radio button and Click Next

            Step 4:      Enter the SQL server connection info section. 

            Fill out the server, Authentication mode, UserName, and Password fields, then click Test Connection to verify the test connection is successful. If it is successful, you will be able to select the Database from the drop-down menu.

            Step 5:      Click Save

            Step 6:      You will receive this prompt, Click OK

            Step 7: Exit out of AccuSQL and relaunch the application. You should now be connected to the new database location.

            Method 2: Change Database location using setdatapath.exe

            This method is very useful if the database for AccuSQL is ever migrated e.i. Server upgrade or if the Active Directory account used for access to the SQL database is ever changed e.i. password update
            Repeat Method 2 on each computer that the AccuSQL client is installed on

            Step 1:      In File Explorer, open the Program folder for AccuSQL. Go to C:\Program Files (x86) and open the AccuSQL folder.

            Step 2:      Locate and Open the accudata folder

            Step 3:     Copy the accudata file path and temporarily paste it on Notepad

            Step 3:      Go back to the AccuSQL program folder. Locate and Run setdatapath.exe

            Step 4:      Select SQL Server and Click Next

            Step 5:     Copy the file path location from Notepad and Paste it in Application Shared path

            Step 6:      Fill out the SQL server connection information and Select the database

            Step 7:      Click Save

            Step 8:      Click OK

            Step 9:      Launch AccuSQL. You should now be connected to the new database location.

            Updated: 28 Jan 2019 05:51 AM
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