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            Conference Tracker: How do I design badges?

            Badges can be created for Attendees, Presenters and Exhibitors using our Badge Designer built-in to your website.

            To create and design a badge do the following:

            This is where you can fully customize your Attendees badges or just choose from several preset templates.

            On this screen you can design the badges for your Attendees. Using the following sections:

            Badge Selector

            • Presenter Badge Button: Use this to start designing the Presenter badge.
            • Exhibitor Badge Button: Use this to start designing the Presenter badge.
            • Attendee Badge Button: Use this to start designing the Attendee badge again. Note: Only visible if you click one of the other badge types.

            Be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page before selecting a different badge designer.


            • Size and Orientation: Use this to set the badge type you want to use.
            • Add Text Button: Create a box where you can enter text.

              • Font Size: Adjust the size of the text.
              • Font: Adjust the type of the font used in the textbox.
              • Alignment: Aligns the text with in the box area you draw.
              • Style: Bold, Italic, and Underline options.
              • Font Color: Adjust the color of the text.
              • Background Color: Adjust the background color of the textbox area.
            • Add Image Button: To add images to canvas the badges.

              • View Original: This opens the image in a separate tab/window so you can see the original size/image.
              • Select: Use to select the location and file of the image you want to insert.
              • None: Use this to remove all images from the image box.
            • Add Barcode: This allows you to add either QR or 39 barcodes to your badges.
              • Type: Use this to select either QR Code or Code 39 barcodes. We recommend using the QR code as they are ideal for readability using the camera on the Apple devices.
            • Select Control This is used to select a part of the Badges you want to edit and if selecting the boxes on the designer it lets you know what is the current item selection. A drop-down list shows all the elements that make up your Badges.
            • Canvas Properties
              • Background Color: Select the color you want your background. Click on the white box, and it will display a picture with all the colors you can change it.
              • Background Image
                • View Image: It will open a new window showing the image of the Badges created.
                • Change: You can upload an image that resides on your computer.
                • None: Removes any background image upload.

            Use these keywords in any text box:

            User Keywords

            • $FirstName$, $LastName$, or $FullName$: Displays the name of the Attendee.
            • $Title$ & $Company$: Displays the Position and Company Name of the Attendee.
            • $PhoneNumber$, $Email$, $StreetAddress$, $City$, $State$, & $ZipCode$: Displays additional information about the attendee.
            • $UserCustomFieldN$: (N=1-5) Displays the custom fields you uploaded or entered for each attendee.
            • $Sessions$: Displays a list of all sessions this attendee is registered to at this conference.
            • $Credits$: Shows the total number of credits the Attendee received.

            Conference Keywords

            • $Conference$: Displays the name of the Conference.
            • $Date$: Display the date of the Conference.

            Selection Options

            There are 4 options you can do when you have any of the above items (images, textboxes, etc.) selected.

            1. Move: To do this click anywhere on the item. Once it has the focus click and drag it anywhere on the canvas.
            2. Resize: To do this simply click and drag the gray arrow located on the bottom-right corner of the box.
              Note: you cannot make the box larger than the canvas size.
            3. Edit: To do this double-click the textbox or table and this will allow you to change the text.
              Note: Images do not have this option as they have this option in their properties. additionally there is not an image editor in this designer so this means you'll have to edit the image outside of the Conference Tracker website before uploading them.
            4. Remove: Simply click the red ball in the top-right corner of the box.

            Finalize the design

            Be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page when done editing or click the From Templates button to start over.

            Reference: The Conference Tracker Documentation

            Having issues with the badge designer?  Click here to learn more about troubleshooting the badge designer
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