How do I make appointments in AccuCampus?

            Making appointments in AccuCampus

            1. Getting in contact with people at your institution can be tough. In AccuCampus, as long you type in simple information like the school Term (the dates will appear below to help you select the correct one)Period (the dates you would like to search), and service (usually pre-selected in the Compass or Make Appointment areas), narrowing down staff for specific service in your institution is easy. 

            2. Enter this information and click search. This will bring up a drop-down section for staff available for that time period.

            Once the staff member is chosen, dates and time slots will appear. This allows you to select the appointment time that is best for you.

            3. A new page titled Create New Appointment will load. Here you can insert an appointment duration (check with the location individually to see which durations are allowed) and provide notes for the staff member you will be working with.

            4. Once all this information is entered in you can now save, or if you need to make changes, go back to the original page by clicking on Search available slots  

            Upon completion, your appointment date, time, and duration will appear on the "View All" page for future editing or as a reference  


            Note: If you not sure how to access this part of Accucampus click on the link below  

            How do I Search for appointments

            Updated: 28 Sep 2018 01:10 AM
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