Known Software Conflicts

Known Software Conflicts

Disk Caching Software [all versions]

FuzeDrive is not designed nor guaranteed to work with any third party disk caching software (e.g., Samsung RAPID, Crucial Momentum Cache, PrimoCache) as it requires full access to the raw disk devices.  Please remove all caching software from the disks you plan to use for FuzeDrive before attempting to fuze existing disks, and be sure to backup your data beforehand.  If you choose to ignore this warning and you are using a third-party cache with FuzeDrive, be sure to disable it before doing a "Remove Fast Media" to convert to single media mode.  If you have done the convert operation already and you are prompted to format the volume and/or your partition is now labeled "RAW" in Disk Management, do not initialize the disk or format the partition.  Re-add the SSD you were using previously, and hopefully your data should come back.

Windows Containers [all versions]

Windows containers, including OneDrive Personal Vault and Windows Sandbox, can cause issues.

OneDrive Personal Vault

Unlocking a Personal Vault could cause Windows to hang.  Do not use Personal Vault at this time.

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox (added from the "Turn Windows features on or off" Control Panel) can cause serious issues, even if it is activated but unused.  Please deactivate Windows Sandbox at this time.  If you have a bootable tier and are unable to start Windows, you will need to use Safe Mode.  After the third failed attempt, it will automatically go into Recovery.  Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings, then choose Restart.  After restarting, hit the 5 key ("Enable Safe Mode with Networking").  If you turn off the Windows Sandbox feature again and reboot, the issue will be resolved.

Anti-Malware Scanners [all versions]

Some anti-malware scanners may need to be set not to use direct disk access (used to detect certain rootkits), otherwise a blue screen with Stop Code "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" in envirtahci.sys may occur.

  • HitmanPro: default behavior; change "Direct Disk Access" to "Compatible Disk Access" in Settings
  • Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro: not default behavior; leave "Direct Disk Access" unchecked in Custom Scan
  • Emsisoft Commandline Scanner: not default behavior; do not specify /dda parameter

Xbox Beta Gaming Services [v1.5.1 and earlier]

With versions prior to v1.5.2, installing the "Gaming Services" app with the Xbox Beta (required for some Game Pass for PC games) could cause blue screens and hangs.
The workaround was to open an Administrator PowerShell and enter:
Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.GamingServices | Remove-AppxPackage
If starting a game requests Administrator elevation to install "Gaming Services", please choose No.  You will be unable to play that game unless you upgrade to v1.5.2 or later.

Hardware Monitors/Lighting Control Software [v1.3.8 and earlier]

There were interactions between our software and certain hardware monitoring programs (see below) and I/O-aware lighting control software (e.g., ASUS Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, etc.).  Many of the conflicts were resolved in v1.5.0, but if you have a problem during FuzeDrive install and/or tier creation, you should try disabling these programs.  You should be able to re-enable them after your tier is created.  If you find your hardware monitor has poor performance when combined with FuzeDrive, please disable storage device scanning.  See the examples below:
  • AIDA64
  • CAM Monitor by NZXT
  • HWiNFO64
  • Open Hardware Monitor
  • RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server
  • SpeedFan


[Unconfirmed] Launch the program with the /SAFE command line parameter, or go to File > Preferences, click Stability in the left pane, and uncheck "Low-level SMBus operations" and "Low-level SMART operations".

CAM Monitor by NZXT

Open Settings, click the General tab, and uncheck "HDD" next to Enable Detection.


Open Settings, click the Safety tab, and select "Disable Drive Scan".

Open Hardware Monitor

Go to File > Hardware, and uncheck "Hard Disk Drives".

RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server

[Unconfirmed] Update to the latest version (currently 7.2.3).


Launch the program with the /NOSCSISCAN command line parameter.

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