Why is my Bidder Account Disabled?

            EQUIP-BID reserves the right to remove bidding privileges for any user violating EQUIP-BID's terms or auction specific terms.

            If your bidding has been disabled it is most often due to an unpaid invoice. If you discover your bidding privileges have been suspended, please:  

            • Check the Your Invoices section of your dashboard.  
            • If an invoice has been marked as No-Show, contact the affiliate to make arrangements to pay the invoice and take possession of the assets.  
            • If the items are no longer available, it may be possible to have your bidding privileges reinstated after paying a reinstatement fee.  Please inquire about this possibility by filling out and submitting the help form. 
            • EQUIP-BID's policy on bidder reinstatement due to unpaid invoices: 

            No Pay/ No show process

            1. 1st Time under $100 invoice - $20 fee, 

            1st Time over $100 invoice $35 fee, all same as above.

            2. 2nd Time under $100 invoice -$35 fee to be turned on again, w/ final warning

            2nd time over $100 invoice = $20 + 20% of unpaid invoice amount

            3. Blocked - Third incident will result in a permanent site block. Case needs opened and management / owner approval only.

            4. Any bidder caught opening new account $50 w/ above warnings.  This is considered fraudulent bidding, and not tolerated.


            Prompt payment during the scheduled removal days and complying with auction terms and conditions is required to remain an active user on EQUIP-BID.com.  If you believe that your bidding has been disabled in error, please contact us using the help form.

            Updated: 09 Apr 2018 06:34 AM
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