Deleting & refunding tickets


            A booked Tickets can be cancelled, the cancelled tickets go back to the ticket pool and new customer can purchases that ticket from the front end.
            The refund ticket amount is entered in the Refund column, a notification email is received by the customer with the description entered. The Refunded money goes back to the customer account in 48 business hours.

            How to delete tickets

            1. Under the menu bar, click REPORTS and then Tickets
            2. Select the ticket(s) that you want to cancel.
            3. Select Cancel from the ‘Applying to Selected’ Dropdown box and press Submit.
            4. The ticket(s) will be removed from the list and will be released back into the pool for other customers to purchase.

            How to process a refund

            1. On the menu bar, click REPORTS and then Orders
            2. Click on the View eye icon as shown in the image below.

            3. Click on the REFUND button. Enter the refund amount and a description, and hit SUBMIT

            4. A confirmation pop up appears - press the Refund button to confirm. The amount will be refunded to the customer. 
            Figure 4
            5. Customers will receive a refund email notifying them about the refund, including when to expect the amount back in their account. 
            Figure 5

            Updated: 20 Jan 2019 06:14 AM
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