How often will I get paid the ticket sales?

            Secure Pay: If you select Secure Pay as your payment method, all ticket sales come to EventBookings, then paid into the organisers nominated bank account (minus EventBookings service fee). The organiser is paid in full after their event (within 7 business days, please allow 5 additional days once payment has processed to show in your account) or on a monthly basis, if requested. 

            Stripe: If you select Stripe as your payment method, all ticket sales go to Stripe. Stripe pays the organiser (minus Stripe's service fee) the first payment within 7 days. Proceeding forward, the organiser can expect to receive payments every 2-3 days into their nominated bank account. You are then billed EventBookings' service fee after the event is completed from your nominated account.  
            Updated: 25 Sep 2018 08:03 PM
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