How to add & edit site settings

            How to set tax

            The ticket price is inclusive of tax. To set the percentage of tax, click Site Settings.
            We have a TaxJar API integrated for country wise tax rate calculation so the organizer has the flexibility to manually set the tax rate or it can be automatically calculated depending on the venue location.

            Tax terminology- The tax term that is used in the country, e.g. GST, VAT, etc.

            Set the tax value

            The tax value can be set manually or automatically by following either of the options below: 
            a. Generic Tax Rate- The Organiser has the flexibility to manually set the tax rate here. The Organiser will need to uncheck Tax Integration checkbox and enter a value in Generic Tax Rate. By default it is set as 10%. 
            b. Tax Integration- If the checked box is clicked it will automatically calculate the tax rate depending on the location of the venue. It is checked by default.

            Note: The automatic Tax Integration checkbox always gets preference over Generic Tax Rate. If no venue is added for the event, the value of Generic Tax Rate will be implemented.

            How to set organisation details

            The organisation detail can be added and modified from the Site Settings tab. 
            The following details can be included: 
            1. Organisation Title- Name of organisation (this will appear on the front page of website) 
            2. Organisation Email- Email for enquiries from the public (appears in contact page)
            3. Organisation Phone1- Main phone line for customer enquiries (appears in contact page)
            4. Organisation Phone 2- Optional
            5. Organisation Address Line 1- Address of the Organisation (appears on contact page)
            6. Organisation Address Line 2-Optional
            7. Organisation Logo- Choose your own logo to appear on the upper left corner footer and order pdf. If no logo is added, the default EB logo appears. Supported format: JPEG, PNG; Ratio 300px * 200px
            8. Organisation Banner- Choose your own banner to appear on the homepage of the website. If no banner is uploaded, a default EB banner appears. If event slide shown is turned on the event banner replaces the organisation banner. Supported Format: JPEG, PNG; Ratio: 1920px * 700px
            9. Welcome Text- Optional text welcoming your customers (only appears at the front page when none of the events are on)

            The website gives the flexibility to add social media links on the homepage of the website. To add the URL of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you will be prompted when creating an event at Step 5 - Event Settings, as shown below:

            Add the links of each social site next to their icon, only the checked icon will appear at front end.
            The icons can appear at the header section or footer section or combination. 

            How to enable/disable the website

            Organisers can enable/disable their site from here. If the website status is toggled to right, the site is enabled and available for the public to view. If it is toggled to left, the site is disabled.

            Updated: 07 Jan 2019 06:06 AM
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