How to setup a Stripe account


            Each organiser has to setup a Stripe account to collect all the ticket money from customers and for billing purposes. Stripe follows the most easy, simple, and automated process.

            Organisers receive an email to claim their Stripe account after an EventBookings account is created. Organisers need to claim their Stripe account, set their bank details, validate their identity and activate the account to begin. If you do not link an account, a notice/warning message will display on the dashboard and all other sections.

            Below is the email organisers will receive-
            Figure 1 - Welcome email from Stripe (click image to enlarge)

            Create a Stripe account

            Click on ‘Claim your Stripe Account’, set a password and save stripe account. 
            Figure 2
            Click on View your dashboard-
            Figure 3
            Now the organiser needs to activate their Stripe account.

            Activating the account is a simple process, organisers have to fill out a form with some basic information about the product, business and their own personal relationship with business. Once the account is activated, all the money will automatically go in the organisers Stripe account.

            Figure 4
            Click on Activate your account to fill in the following-
            a. Account Details
            b. Personal Details
            c. Credit Card Statement detail
            d. Bank Details

            Press Activate Account button.

            A message to complete the identity verification appears at the notification tab at upper right corner. Click on the box. 
            Figure 5
            b. Click on Verify now.
            Figure 6
            c. Click on Start Verification
            Figure 7
            d. Select the issuing country and Id type
            Figure 8
            e. Upload the identity type or scan it and complete the process.

            Once the Stripe Account has been created, the Stripe Connect Id is displayed at the organisers backend under Settings, stripe connect account.
            Figure 9

            How to link EventBookings to an existing Stripe Account

            If there is already an existing account with Stripe, there is no need to create another account.

            1. Go to Settings in the menu bar and click Stripe Connect Account

            2. Click the Connect to Stripe button and the system will redirect to the Stripe website. Click the Sign in button to login.  
            Figure 12
            Figure 11

            c. Click the Skip this account form and system will redirect to Organisation admin panel.
            Note: You cannot activate a test-only account. In order to activate, make sure your account is created under livemode.
            d. A 'Stripe Connect ID' will be updated automatically in the Stripe Connect Account area on the EventBookings backend

            Figure 13

            Updating Stripe card details at backend

            To update the card details linked with the Stripe Account, follow these steps: 
            1. Click on Settings on the menu bar and then Card Settings. 
            2. Update the card information and click on Submit as shown in Figure 14. 
            The card information at the stripe account will be updated automatically.
            Figure 14

            Billing and invoicing

            The end customers (i.e. ticket buyers) are charged the EventBookings service fees. As all the money is collected by the organisers in their stripe account, EventBookings generates a bill and sends the invoice to the Organisers to collect their service fees.
            • The billed amount is automatically deducted from the organisation’s credit card.
            • The system will send an email to the Organisers after successful billing transaction, if a bill fails, system will send out a reminder email every week for the next 4 weeks.
            • The last one is the termination notice at which point the account will be disabled
            The Billing history can be viewed under ‘Billing Histories’ under Transaction tab.
            It contains details about invoice, date paid, due date, amount charged and status.
            Figure 15

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