Understanding the dashboard

            Each organiser will have their own unique dashboard giving them the entire snapshot of the events.

            Figure 1 (click image to enlarge)

            The first line gives a view of the very next event in a Full width ribbon and gives date, venue, tickets sold and revenue made and an option to directly create an event for dashboard page.

            3 KPI (Key Point Infographic)

            Figure 2

            1. All Orders
            a) Showing the # of orders made till date.
            b) User can directly go to the order panel.
            2. Unique visitors
            a) Showing the # of unique visitor’s website has
            b) User can directly go to the event page.
            3. Total Due
            a) Showing total amount, the organization owes to the EventBookings
            b) User can directly go to billing history for all the invoices


            It will show tickets sold for next 5 upcoming events and revenue over time.

            Figure 3

            • Events will be shown in line.
            • Revenue will be shown in column
            • X-axis: Time (Last x days/weeks/months)
            • Y-axis(Left): No. of tickets sold.
            • Y-axis(Right): Revenue Amount
            Legends: Upcoming 5 events and revenue.

            User can change time interval between-
            • Day- show last 7 days
            • Week-  show last 8 weeks
            • Month- show last 6 months
            The graph is exportable, it shows the Revenue amount, no of tickets sold and the date range depends on the range selected. 

            Figure 4

            Figure 5

            The ticket sold, Conversion and Revenue changes with the change in Day/Week/Month

            Upcoming Events

            It shows List all the upcoming events with their start date, location and seats left.
            User can perform edit or delete action.

            Figure 6

            The Heat Map

            World map showing all the places where most events are being held or most tickets are being purchased.
            • User can select view all the revenue across the map or individual event can be selected from the dropdown.
            • Heat map will be broken down to the city level to show more precise information
            • Once an event is selected, the date range of the event is automatically populated.
            Figure 7

            • User can change the date range from calendar or from the slider below to view the revenue of specific date or date range
            The map figures can be exported in report from the gear icon at the right corner

            Figure 8

            The report shows the event booking start and end date, the selected date range, the country in which the revenue is made and the amount as shown below.

            Figure 9

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