How to add, edit & delete users


            A new user for the Admin Login and the EventBookings Scanning App is created here. The User Type field determines whether it’s an Admin User or App User.
            With the new Username and Password created, the user can Log in to the Admin Backend of the Website or to the EventBookings Scanning App as shown below: 

            Figure 1 - Admin login (click image to enlarge)

            Figure 2 - App login

            Create a new user

            1. Click on the USERS option in the Menu Bar, click on NEW USER button as shown in below image: 
            Figure 3

            2. Fill in the following information and click Submit as show in Figure 4: 
            a. First Name
            b. Last Name
            c. Email Address
            d. Password  (Password must be minimum of 8 characters)
            e. User Type - ‘Admin User’ allows the user to access the backend of the main website. 'App user' allows the user to use the EventBookings Scanning App. Note, only one option can be selected. You will need to create a second 'User' to allow access to the other user type as well. 
            f. Active - This active/inactive status will determine whether the user can login.  
            Figure 4

            Edit a user

            To edit a user, click on the Edit button under Gear icon in Action as shown below. Make necessary changes and press Submit to save the changes. 
            Figure 5

            Delete a user

            To delete a user, click on the Delete button under Gear icon in the Actions column (see Figure 6). The user will be permanently removed.
            Figure 6

            Updated: 16 Jan 2018 09:14 AM
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