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            Adding a new CNC to your device list

            To add a new machine:
            • Click CONFIGURE menu
            • DNC WINDOWS menu 
            • Click ADD MACHINE 
            • Give it a name 
            • When prompted to copy settings from another machine, choose YES 
            • Choose the machine from your device list that has the most similar controller type
            • Click DUPLICATE
            • Select the appropriate com port for the new machine. As applicable adjust directories under the IO Directories tab to reflect the paths for the new machine.
            • If the CNC is not set to use the same baud rate, data bits, stop bits, or parity - adjust accordingly (either on the CNC or in PC-DNC plus)

            If you can see your new machine under CONFIGURE --> DNC WINDOWS but not on the main device list, then it is likely you do not have enough licenses for the new machine. Either delete an existing machine which is unused to free up a license or purchase an additional license. To see your current license information, go to ABOUT --> YOUR LICENSE.

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            Updated: 21 Jan 2014 06:22 AM
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