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            Comtrol Hardware Installation Procedures

            Comtrol Hardware Installation Procedures

            1. Locate latest driver from Comtrol Website for your device and operating system (ftp://ftp.comtrol.com/html/default.htm).  Launch msi file that was downloaded.  Click Run.
            2. Click Next

            1. Confirm file location for installation:

            1. Click Install

            1. Make sure “Launch Devicemaster Driver Installation” is checked.  Click Finish.

            1. Click Next
            2. Select the bubble next to Install.  Click Next

            1. From the pulldown list, choose Devicemaster Serial Hub 16 port.  Click Next.
            2. Click Proceed

            1. Click Close.  

            The driver will be installed for the number of ports that the device has and you should see a message indicating your device is ready to use flash in the lower right corner of your screen as each Com Port is installed.  It will do this 16 times for a 16 port device.  Do not hit Cancel during this process or the ports will get installed out of order and it will cause problems when assigning ports to devices.

            To install a second Comtrol device, do not rerun the msi file.  Instead go to Start/All Programs/Comtrol/Device Installation Wizard and the follow steps above.

            Once the driver is installed, you need to go into the Windows Device Manager and enter the Mac address for each device you installed.  To access the Device Manager:

            In Windows XP:

            Right click on My Computer


            Hardware tab

            Device Manager button

            In Windows 7:

            Windows Start Button

            Right Click on Computer


            Device Manager

            Windows 8

            From the Windows desktop, type Device Manager

            Find and expand the Multiport Serial Adapter section

            Locate the device, right click, choose Properties

            Choose Network Connections tab

            Select MAC mode (this runs faster than IP mode and we recommend MAC mode)

            Enter the MAC address from the bottom of your unit in the same format as it appears (space between every 2 digits of the MAC address)

            Click OK


            If the connection is made correctly, the MAC address will then populate under the Device Network Addresses Field in the section below the Network Connection Mode.  Now go to the “Port Settings Tab” and note/document the COM ports assigned to this device.  You will need these to assign COM ports in your communication software.

            Updated: 28 Jun 2018 07:33 AM
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