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            Comtrol DeviceMaster IP Configuration Procedure

            Comtrol DeviceMaster IP Configuration Procedure.

            1. Download, and install PortVision DX version 3.05 from the Comtrol web site. (ftp://ftp.comtrol.com/html/DM_PRO_RTS_SERIALHUB_pvpx.htmLaunch msi file that was downloaded.  Click Run.
            2. Click Next

            1. Accept License Agreement, and click Next.

            1. Accept default installation location, and click on Next.

            1. Verify that Start Menu Programs folder is checked, and then click Next.

            1. Click on Install.

            1. Once installed, click on Finish to launch PortVision DX.

            1. Once PortVision DX opens, click on Scan.

            If there are any Comtrol DeviceMaster units on the same subnet, or if they are connected to the same network switch, they should appear on the screen.

            If there are no devices displayed, or there are devices, but not the one you are trying to configure, you will need to connect the DeviceMaster unit directly into your computer, then Scan again for the new device.

            1. Once the new unit is displayed, double click on it.  It will open the configuration window.

            Make sure the IP Mode is set to Static IP.

            1. Enter in the new IP Address, Subnet, and Default Gateway, then click on Apply changes.  Close the screen after it has applied the changes.

            After it applies the changes, it will reboot the device.

            1. Click on Scan to verify the changes have been made.

            Make sure that this new device has been configure in the DeviceMaster Management console.

            Updated: 26 Dec 2018 05:41 AM
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