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            FactoryWiz DNC Client software install

            Installing the FactoryWiz DNC Client software

            If you would like to have the FactoryWiz DNC Client software installed on other computers on your network, you will need to share out the FactoryWiz DNC Server\Shared folder located on the server, and load the Client software onto each computer.  Get the floating client software here:  FactoryWizDNC_Client_Setup.exe

            Before starting this section, you should be proficient at sharing folders, understanding user permissions, managing users in a domain or workgroup environment, determining host names, and other basic networking tasks.  If you are not proficient at, or do not have authorization to perform these tasks, then you should seek the assistance of your IT professional for the following section. 

            You will need to share the “Shared” folder under FactoryWiz DNC Server folder and ensure the appropriate user groups have read and modify permission to the share. Depending on your system, the folder is normally located at the following location:

            • C:\rym\factorywiz dnc server\shared.  (We recommend sharing only the “shared” folder as \\servername\shared$)  To find the computer name of the server computer check the System properties page or from a command prompt (DOS prompt) type "net config workstation"
            • Download and install FactoryWiz DNC Client on each computer.

            Important: FactoryWiz DNC Server must be running to continue.

            • In the Log In screen, click Configure.
            • Click on Edit Location.
            • Browse to the network location (UNC Path) of the FactoryWiz DNC Server\SHARED folder and double-click on the SERVER.FWDNCSERVER file.
            • Click Return.
            • You must close FactoryWiz DNC Client for the new setting to take effect.
            • Start FactoryWiz DNC Client and login with your username/password.
            • Check the box to Save for automatic login.

            To see these instructions in video format, please go to http://download.factorywiz.com

            Updated: 28 Jun 2018 07:37 AM
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