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            Does my Haas have MACHINE DATA COLLECTION (MDC) - Setting 143

            Does my Haas have MACHINE DATA COLLECT (MDC)

            How to verify the existence of Setting 143:

            Standard Generation Control:

            On Haas Control:


            • Press the SETTNG hard key to display the machine’s settings page
            • Page down and look for a setting numbered 143 with the text “MACHINE DATA COLLECT”
              • The settings are not in numerical order, but setting 143 is often on the page with the RS232 baud rate settings, or the page immediately after (depending on software version). If you don’t see setting 143, go back and scrutinize these two pages to 


            • If you find the setting and it has ON or OFF next to it, you are good to go

            • If none of the pages have the setting 143, you must treat this as a legacy machine

            • NOTE:  If the machine has a color screen but no setting 143 there is a chance that you can ask for a software update to add this feature. You will need to speak with your Haas dealer and give them the serial number for your machine to determine if this is possible.

            Next Generation Control: NCG MACHINES shipped APROX Sep 2016 through current

            • ADDEDUM FOR HAAS NGC (Next Generation Controller) 
              • If your MACHINE DATA COLLECT has ON or OFF next to it, this does not apply to you. 

            You do not have the NGC controller.  See above in standard control

            • Very early versions of the Haas NGC have setting 143, however the value is fixed at 0. Try changing the text to another number, such as 8002.
            • If you cannot change the value from 0, you have a version of the software where MACHINE DATA COLLECT was not yet implemented.
              • You will need to get a software update from your local Haas dealer. If you can change              the value, your machine is ready to use the machine data collect feature.

            Updated: 29 Jun 2018 01:38 AM
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