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            Heidenhain Confirming Option 18 Enabled

            Heidenhain Controller – Confirming Option 18

            FactoryWiz has learned that not all of the i530 controllers have the option 18 enabled from the factory. 

            New option for ALL Heidenhain controllers – including those which have RS232 but not Ethernet

            (we can use our method via RS232 on controllers with the correct option) is to confirm the control has option 18 enabled.

            Press the Edit key

            Press the MOD key

            Type “SIK” and press Enter

            Check for Option 18 (must be checked – if not must be purchased)

            Press END when done

            The Edit and MOD keys:

            The END key:

            The option costs somewhere around $1k from the machine OEM or twice that from Heidenhain.

            Updated: 29 Jun 2018 01:39 AM
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