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            How to find COM # for port

            How to find COM # to Assign to a Machine

            - Right Click on Computer or My Computer and click Properties

            - Click on Device Manager in upper left column

            (if XP or earlier, click on Hardware, then find Device Manager button)

            - Click VIEW on main menu.  Change to DEVICES BY CONNECTION

            - Find your device (may say something like Serial Hub or Comtrol Serial device Server)

            - Click the little arrow next to device to expand that device and it will show you all of your ports (see example below).

            - Look for port with lowest COM# and that should be the first physical port on your device.  The ports may not appear in order because of the way Device Manager organizes numbers.

            - As you can see from the example below, Port 10 is before Port 2 because COM 10 starts with a 1.  To find the COM port of a particular physical port, look for the number of the physical port and the associated COM # will be in parentheses.

             - Keep in mind that some devices, like Comtrol Devices, start with port 0, so the 16th physical port, will actually be numbered Port 15.

            Updated: 26 Dec 2018 05:57 AM
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