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            How to view your Serial Device Servers in the Device Manager

            How to view your Serial Device Servers in the Device Manager

            Right Click on My Computer or Computer shortcut.  Choose Properties

            Choose Device Manager (in XP and previous you will select Hardware tab and then Device Manager).  You will see a view similar to the one below.

            After expanding each section, you will then see the view below.  Right click on a device under Multiport serial adapters and choose Properties.

            You will see one of the views listed below depending on the device you right clicked on.  

            Quatech Properties

            General Tab

            Configuration Tab

            When you click on Configuration tab, you will see a brief progress bar indicating “Retrieving SDS Unit configuration”.  After the progress bar finishes, it will close and automatically take you back to the main view of the Device Manager.  Simply right click and choose properties again (it will do this each time you access the device/properties and then the configuration tab.)

            Driver Tab 

            1. SDS Configuration 

            This will take you to the GUI of the device where you can also set the IP address, change port settings, set up wireless settings if it is a wireless device

            2. Ping SDS 

            This is a quick way to ping the Device Server to confirm connectivity.  If there is no response, there is a problem with the network, the IP address assigned to the unit or another IP configuration issue.  

            3. Repair Configuration 

            Advanced topic (more to come later)

            Comtrol Device Settings

            General Tab

            Network Connections Tab

            Click Network Connections to view Mac address.  RYM generally uses MAC Mode in our configurations.  To complete installation of a Comtrol Device in Mac Mode, simply type the last six digits of the Mac Address found on the bottom of the unit (make sure to include the space between each pair of digits).  Then click OK.

            Port Settings Tab

            This is where you can confirm which COM ports are installed on this particular device.  

            Click on the first port and a new button appears (Properties).

            Click on Properties

            This is where you can renumber ports.  

            Updated: 26 Dec 2018 05:18 AM
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