Top Four Reasons Why All Businesses Should Consider Cloud Communications

Top Four Reasons Why All Businesses Should Consider Cloud Communications

Do you take business calls on your cell phone?
Of course you do! Do your employees or sales force work remotely, from home or the road at least some of the time? Most likely.

A recent study by web conferencing software company, PGI, indicates that globally,

‚Äč79% of office employees work remotely at least one day each week.

As business communications become more diverse and sophisticated, advanced technology is necessary to keep pace with new trends and market demands. Unfortunately, most legacy phone systems cannot support the future of business communications needs, but fortunately, small, medium-sized, and enterprise
businesses have options to overcome this challenge.

Modern communication applications once reserved for big businesses are now affordable to businesses of all sizes. Through hosted phone services (aka VoIP), all businesses gain the capabilities needed to support diverse devices, connect remote workers to the office and streamline communications between employees and customers. These tremendous benefits are likely why 86% of businesses are considering replacing traditional phone systems with cloud-based communications, according to a recent industry analysis survey.

In this highly connected world where customers increasingly expect you to answer their call from virtually anywhere, at any time, the power of VoIP offers next-generation business communication tools to support all your emerging needs. Here are four reasons why you should consider replacing your antiquated phone system with a future-proofed cloud communications solution.

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