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            Directly Connecting to the Button Via Wifi

            1. Login to the application and have it running in the background

            2. Go to your wifi setting of the device you are running the application on

            3. Search for the wifi connection that is labeled as iosxeld and then a serial number after it

            4. Attempt to connect to that connection

            5. If it says connected no internet proceed to step 6, if it requests a password you would type in deadbeef77 after entering the password is should say connected no internet, this means that it is saved and connected to the device

            6. Go back to the application and on the home page hit the drop down menu located on the top left of the page

            7. Select the check plugin button

            8. Once the app says engine connection found with a green check mark on the page you should be good to drive

            Updated: 10 May 2019 01:30 AM
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