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            Pages of the Quick Setup

            To get to the Quick Setup you go to the drop down menu on the home page of the application and hit the quick setup button. It will direct you to a page where you hit the get started button to start the setup process. It will request what language you want to use on the application the selection is English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and traditional Chinese.

            Page 1

            On this page there are two fields that you would enter in The name of your company and the drivers name.

            Page 2

            On this page you would fill out the data regarding the address that you use for the company and the address of the terminal if they are one in the same you can hit the check box to make them one in the same. 

            Page 3

            Here you would enter in your DOT number and your Driver License Number

            Page 4 

            This is where you would chose your button connection either wifi connection, bluetooth connection, or no connection. Make sure the connection matches what the picture details the button to be as it might not report the data properly if you tell it the wrong connection. The best option to get connected is if the button is showcasing lights from being powered select search for it. It will take about a minute but it should find the connection.

            Page 5

            This is the Rules page where you can have type of vehicle you are using property or passenger carrying, what country you operate under,  the type of cycle time that you fall under, the restart rule that you fall under, and possible exceptions that you fall under.

            Page 6

            On this page you can choose to disable notifications, note if your truck is your trailer, and in the instance of AOBRD if you want to manually enter in your odometer.

            Page 7

            On this page there are special options present where you can stylize your log book to save or get rid of data according to how it best fits your load types that you do throughout the day.

            Page 8

            On this page you can reset your password to login to the app and you can reset the pin that looks users into the inspection mode of the application. 

            Once that is done you hit the I am ready to start button and that will bring you to the homepage of the application so you can start working.

            Updated: 26 Aug 2019 12:31 AM
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