Sonocent Audio Notetaker

How different are the PC and Mac versions of Audio Notetaker?

The functionality of both Windows and Mac versions is broadly similar with the exception of a few features. A list of features can be found  here .

With Version 4 the interface has been made to feel much slicker and we have added a considerable list of additional features.

Available on both Mac and Windows:
  • Simplified Short cuts when working with Audio. 
  • The Reference Pane. 
  • Noise cancellation
  • Copy Text from slides. 
  • Trim Silences
  • Focus dependant Side Bars
  • Easy adding of text from the audio pane 
  • An editable Colour Key
  • Screen Capture
  • Send TTS audio direct to the Audio Pane
  • Enhanced Noise Cancellation settings
Available on Windows only:
  • Record your computer's output
  • Presentation Capture
  • Use Dragon Naturally Speaking to create text notes from your audio

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