How does Call Tracking work?

            We use Call Tracking on all your digital properties to trace and track all calls resulting from our SEO strategies. Call tracking is included within the Pro and Premiere plans but is an optional service. 

            How does it work?
            Through our Call Tracking partner, you will be assigned a localized phone number that instantaneously and automatically forwards to your business number. This localized call tracking phone number will be placed and used on all your digital properties. i.e. Google My Business, Facebook, etc

            This mean I have a new phone number?
            No, your business phone number will always stay the same. You will continue to use your business number as is on print, conversation, radio, etc. The Call Tracking number will only be used on the internet. 

            Why would I want Call Tracking?
            Call Tracking is a effective way of deciding as a business owner if you getting the most out of your SEO service. Effective SEO results in more visibility online thus resulting into calls for your business . Wouldn't you like to know that a particular customer came from your internet marketing effort? Sometimes this helps business owners decide where to spend their marketing dollars. Not to mention, it holds some accountability for us at MojoSEO.

            Updated: 06 Jun 2018 01:45 AM
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