What advertising opportunities does GoodTherapy offer?

What advertising opportunities does GoodTherapy offer?

In addition to on-page banner advertising on our content pages for brands and businesses, GoodTherapy maintains an extensive, top-ranked online therapist directory. Mental health professionals who wish to create a listing for their practices in our directory in order to receive client referrals can join us here. If you are interested in banner advertising with GoodTherapy or if you have questions about our offerings, contact us here

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    • Does GoodTherapy offer banner advertising?

      Yes, GoodTherapy does offer on-site banner advertising to select brands and businesses. For more information about our offerings, please email us here.
    • What partnership opportunities does GoodTherapy offer?

      GoodTherapy is committed to developing collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute to our primary goals of reducing harm in therapy and educating consumers about the differences between healthy and unhealthy therapy. The ways ...
    • How can I advertise my product or service on GoodTherapy?

      As one of the top mental health resources on the Internet, GoodTherapy receives more than one million views each month, and we offer banner advertising on content pages throughout our website. If you are interested in advertising your product or ...
    • How can I access GoodTherapy's media kit?

      If your business is interested in receiving our media kit, which contains information about advertising with GoodTherapy, please email us here.
    • How do I partner with GoodTherapy?

      GoodTherapy partners with select nonprofit organizations, associations, corporations, and websites that provide unique content and services associated with mental health, psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, wellness, and related fields. We are ...