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            How can I submit an article for publication consideration?

            All GoodTherapy premium members are welcome to submit articles for publication consideration on The Good Therapy Blog. Every published article will link back to your GoodTherapy profile and help draw potential clients to your practice. If you are not a member, you can join here.

            Article submissions may be emailed to

            Here are some guidelines for any article you submit to GoodTherapy:

            1. We accept Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx files) only. No PDFs, please.
            2. Articles should ideally be between 800 and 1,500 words and grammatically polished. Please proofread your article (or have someone else do so) and make any necessary corrections prior to submitting. Avoid charts, graphs, and unusual fonts and formatting.
            3. Write for the general public, for other professionals, or for both. Please recognize that anyone, anywhere, will have access to your article online. Keep language simple and concise while aiming for as low as an eighth-grade reading level, allowing your writing to be accessible to the largest possible audience.
            4. Focus on any mental health-related topic. Please see our Common Therapy Issues page for a list of possible broad topics, but you are not confined to these. Rather than providing a broad overview of your topic, consider highlighting a specific angle that is underrepresented on the internet.
            5. If your article mentions research, studies, statistics, data, or otherwise makes assertions that are not common knowledge, please include a corresponding reference in APA format at the end of your article. Publication may be delayed or declined if references are needed.
            6. Articles must be original and unpublished online. By submitting an article for publication consideration, you agree not to publish it anywhere else on the internet in the future, including personal blogs and practice websites. GoodTherapy takes a conservative approach to duplicate content because it may negatively affect the search engine rankings of all sites where duplicate content appears. Please understand this policy is in line with the latest updates to major search engine algorithms and is intended to benefit authors as well as GoodTherapy. Every submission is checked against Copyscape, a tool that detects plagiarism. We also regularly perform checks for content duplicated from GoodTherapy and may remove your article without notice if it is published elsewhere online. If you wish to share an article published on our blog, we ask that you post a brief, original summary and include a link to the article on GoodTherapy.
            7. By submitting an article, you grant GoodTherapy permission to edit grammar and spelling, change article formatting, add a stock image, and modify titles (50 to 70 characters, including spaces) as deemed necessary.
            8. By submitting an article, you grant GoodTherapy the right to share it via any platforms it solely chooses, including various social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).
            9. Please recognize that accepted articles are published in the order in which they are received and that while GoodTherapy makes every effort to publish articles as soon as possible, publication may be delayed for any reason, without notice. We will acknowledge receipt of articles by email within one business day. We will also let you know if/when we publish or decline your article, or if we require revision.
            10. Even if all other guidelines are met, GoodTherapy reserves the right to decline to publish or remove any article at any time, without notice.

            By submitting an article for publication consideration, you agree to GoodTherapy’s Terms of Service.

            Updated: 14 Feb 2019 08:37 AM
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