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What Is College Matchmaking?

What is College Matchmaking?
During registration, students choose from various college attributes they find attractive. These five attributes are:
  1. campus size (small, medium, large)
  2. campus setting (urban, suburban, rural)
  3. majors offered (a large list of categories)
  4. institution type (2 year, 4 year, private, public, etc.)
  5. geographic region (varied). 
During registration, colleges also select which attributes apply to their institution. 

Students and colleges will be “matched” if their selected attributes match.  The minimum number of matching attributes to be "matched" is four out of five.
These are REAL students providing their own preferences.  GTCF is not selling student data in the form of matchmaking leads.  Rather, we provide this service to allow additional opportunities for students and colleges to connect.  Students have the opportunity to opt out at any time, and the answers students provide are fresh - the matchmaking email goes out to both students and colleges same day the form is completed.

How does this benefit students?
Students will receive an email with a list of matches before the event, uncovering new opportunities they may not have realized were a good match. This helps to streamline the fair for students, driving them around the fair with purpose, rather than aimlessly.  The email also contains helpful questions to ask schools.  This email greatly assists students as they plan for how to attack the college fair. 
How does this benefit colleges?
Colleges will receive lead data for all matched students, which are highly qualified leads. At fairs where matchmaking was in place, colleges averaged ten times more leads than at fairs without this service. 

Think of these student records as additional, legitimate leads.  The college lead file contains specific information that will help the institution to segment the leads in a way that is relevant, ie.: prospect vs. inquiry, graduation year, etc.
How does this benefit fair organizers?
Matchmaking serves all audiences, improving engagement and attendance at fairs.

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