The Grant Vault

The Grant Vault

NOTE:  The Grant Vault (TM) is only available to Silver and Gold level subscriptions.

Your Grant Vault(TM) is where you keep all that information for a client that goes into just about every grant, and much more.
The Grant Vault consists of the following sections:

General Information
  1. DBA
  2. Nickname
  3. Previous Name
  4. Address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Email
  7. Website
  8. Tax Status
  9. Founding Date
  10. Current Budget
  11. Mission Statement
  12. Expiration Date (set this to remind you to update the Vault information)

Program page in the vault
For each Program you add, you will see a Program page (like the one above) with the following areas:
  1. Program Description
  2. Lead Personnel
  3. Current Budget
  4. Annual Revenue
  5. Problem Statement
  6. Population Served
  7. Current Constraints
  8. Current Needs
  9. Inputs
  10. Outputs
  11. Partners
  12. Impact
  13. Outcomes
  14. Other funding sources
  15. Attachments
  16. Notes

Governance and Staff

Board Information:
  1. Number of Board Members
  2. Meeting Frequency
  3. Quorum, Committees
  4. Term Length
  5. Number of Terms Allowed
  6. Policies in Place
  7. % Board Gave Last Year
  8. $ Board Gave Last Year
  9. Pro Bobo/In-Kind Gifts
  10. Board Notes

Staff Information
  1. Number of Full Time Staff
  2. Number of Part-Time Staff
  3. Number of Volunteers
  4. Turnover Last Year
  5. Staff Notes
  6. Board Members
  7. Staff Members

Fiscal and Regulatory

Fiscal Year Start
Current Budget
Prior Budget
Next Year Budget
Most Recent Audit
Most Recent 990
Insurance Description and Amounts

(Name, Website, Description, Expiration Date (if desired)

Awards, Recognitions and Publicity
(Title, Type, Date, Expiration Date, Notes)

(All attachments for this client will be here)

Notes and Verbiage
(Did the verbiage really work for you on that last application? Add it here so you won't have to find it later.)