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            The Coolant Pump is not working.

            To troubleshoot the Coolant Pump not working issue, please:
            1. In the Service Tool, navigate to 'Heating' on the 'System Settings 2' tab. Ensure the 'Heating Option Selector' is set to 'Coolant Pump.' 
            2. Ensure the Heat icon is displayed on the screen while in Monitoring Mode.
            3. Check harness connections at the pump and main wiring harness.
            4. Ensure the coolant pump is installed properly in conjunction with coolant flow.
            5. Raise the hood and place a magnet on the hood pin to make the controller think the hood is closed. Start the engine and use the engine stop button to shut down the vehicle allowing the GRIP to go into monitoring mode. Use caution when working in the engine compartment as the GRIP may start or shut down the vehicle with the magnet in place.
            6. Using a multi-meter, check the voltage at the coolant pump by pushing the leads into the back of the connector. Ensure the connector is plugged into the pump while doing this test. White is positive and black negative. You should see battery voltage at the pump when it is running.
            7. If there is voltage at the pump but it is not running, the pump is defective
            8. Remove the magnet after troubleshooting is complete.
            Note that the coolant pump will not operate when the vehicle is running.

            Updated: 09 Jan 2019 01:29 AM
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